General tips

Activate your community by organizing a fundraiser to support the Playing For Change Foundation. Host a concert, a screening, an auction, or perform online to raise awareness and funds for a cause you believe in. You may want to have a concert in your backyard or your hometown’s biggest venue. Talk to the managers of local clubs and concert halls to see if they’ll help you with your show.

>Print posters, flyers, brochures and stickers to spread the word. Use our event toolkit to access all sorts of printable assets.

>Encourage donations at your event by placing a donation box. Make sure it is visible, safe and that people are aware of its presence.  Also utilize the online donation features of this website.

>Online donations can be made to your event page using a tablet, laptop or even a mobile phone: (Credit Cards/Paypal )

>If you wish to associate your event with a local cause you can actually split the funds you raise between your local charity and the PFC Foundation. Send us the funds you’ve raised and allocated to the PFC Foundation via our donation page or your event’s page.

>Make sure the artists are aware of the cause behind your event and engage them to spread the word. Participating in this global event is an opportunity to promote artists in your community.

>Your event page has many features to help you easily promote artists you’ve engaged as well as acknowledge local sponsors.

>Track the reach of your event page by checking views, likes and shares. You can also interact with people directly on your event page, through the Facebook comments.

>We regularly feature events on Playing For Change’s social media networks and email base.

>The contact button on your event page allows people to send you a message directly and you can use this to interact with them to further support your event. (your email address will not be visible or published)


Once you have collected all of the funds raised at your event, you may donate the money in the following ways:

>Through an online donation on the website:

  • Go to your event’s page or to the donation page
  • Click on the “Donate to this event” button or complete the donation form
  • As you’ve completed the information and processed the donation you will receive a confirmation email.

>Via check at : Playing For Change Foundation, 532 Colorado
Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401 – ( only for donors based in the USA)

>Using Paypal

Sell merchandise at your event

Selling merchandise is a great way to raise funds at your event.

>You can use our print files and make shirts locally or contact with us in order to buy shirts at wholesale price in order to sell them at the event.

Create an event

To Create an event you first need to register as an event host

  • Click “Register” on the top right of any page
  • Add your email and a password : Done! You now have an account on

To add an event, once you are logged in, hover your name on the top right corner and click “Add an Event”

>This will take you to the event creation page

Set up your event’s name, location, cover image and contact information to get started and publish your event in a couple of minutes. If you need more time you can always save as draft or publish your event with basic information and add more details later.

To see how your event looks like once it has been created go to MyAccount>My Events>click event name

For more details and learn more about editing events click the next tab.

Edit an event

To Edit an event you created go to “My Events” under My account and click the pencil icon next to the event’s name.

> Make sure all the information on your event is accurate. Take the time to write a clear description.

Here are some of the features of the event pages

Cover Image: Personalize your event by adding a large image to represent it. Choose a rectangular and horizontal picture: use a photo instead of a graphic with text. The image should be around 1200x800px.

Artists and guest (optional): Feature the artists and guest on your event page: Add a photo/short description/link to website

Schedule: This is where you can add the schedule details by breaking down hours and artist lineup.

Photo Gallery: Upload photos to represent your event

Social: Add links to your Facebook page, event, Instagram or favorite social media

Partners- Sponsors: Feature  who supports your effort by adding a picture for each

Views/Likes/Share: See in real time how your event page is doing

Contact/comments: Get in touch with people interested in your event by adding a contact email or using Facebook comments at the bottom of your event page.

Online events - Live stream

If you want to create an event that is exclusively online, this is how you can do it

  • Choose the category  “Online event – Livestream” when adding your event
  • Type “Online Event” in the “Place name (building-facility)” field.
  • Use the description field to add an embed code of your live event or a link to your livestream page.

You can also broadcast a regular event. Just add the link to your Live stream from the description of your event or using the the website field.

Here are the Livestream platforms we recommend to broadcast your event online:

Retrieve a password/ Login issues

If you’ve lost your password:

  • Click on Login>Forgot password
  • Enter your email address
  • You’ll receive an email to reset your password

If you are still having troubles please contact

If you are having issues logging in, make sure you are using your username and not your email address to login. If you still cannot login please contact




Los3Saltos, Terra Matta Music Fest #pfcday2018






PFC DAY M’Hamid El Ghizlane, Morocco


IBIZA 2015 Promo Clip

Barcelona, Gospel Choir “Stand By Me”

PFC DAY Balneario Camboriu, Brazil