Anguilla PFC Day Love

Albena Lake Hodge Secondary School
Anguilla, Anguilla
19 September 2016
1:00PM - 3:00PM
All Times Local
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Thanks to Judi Hunt, our PFC family has had the opportunity to visit the beautiful people of Anguilla several times. In our last visit, we experienced the incredible talent of their young people, and the equally extraordinary commitment of their schools, which offer 4 years of music education for every child. We visited the Albena Lake Hodge Secondary School, were awed by their talent, and then students, teachers and families from that school came to The Great House to share a magical time of music and love with the PFC family. We will be bringing more instruments back to that wonderful school and their amazing teacher, Daphne.

When asked if any of the students remember what their lives were like before they had music versus now when they know how to play many instruments, one young man responded: "I'm not good at school and I'm not a great athlete. I didn't feel that I was good at anything before I had the music. Now I know I can do this well and I feel good about myself. I can play the guitar and drums and steel pan."