Frequently Asked Questions

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Just looking for a little inspiration? Check out our tips about what you can do to make PFC Day great. Otherwise, please select a question from the list below.

Getting Started

How do I register a PFC Day event?

1. First, you will need to log in to our site via Facebook, using the blue button in the upper right-hand corner. If you do not have a Facebook account and do not intend to get one, email and we can help you set one up.

2. Then, click “Create Your Event” on our Participate page.

3. You can then fill out all the details of your event in the appropriate fields. Make sure to include a valid address of your venue so that your event will appear on the homepage map and be searchable to other users. The more information people can read about you, the more they’ll want to attend your event! So don’t be shy to share your story, promote your performers, and tell us why this is going to the be best PFC Day event ever.

4. Set a goal for fundraising! No amount is too unreasonable, and people are more likely to donate when they can see the progress you’d like to make towards helping out our Foundation.

5. You can give people a sample of what to expect by including links to YouTube videos or Soundcloud tracks of your performers (or just a special promotional trailer you make yourself!). Copy and paste the appropriate YouTube or Soundcloud links into their respective fields on the event editing page.

6. A picture will also make your event page stand out-- upload one that is at least 200 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall.

How do I access my event page information once it is created?

Every event page has a unique URL. This will be emailed to you as part of the confirmation that you have successfully registered an event.

To edit your event details, you just have to make sure you are once again logged in to our site through Facebook, and then click “My Events” in the upper right-hand corner.

What’s the best way to promote my event and get the word out about the Playing For Change Foundation?

Share your event page URL far and wide! You can link people to it on Facebook and through emails, or distribute physical materials to let people about what’s happening.

On our Media page, you’ll find customizable posters, flyers, and banners that you can print out and write your event information on. You’ll also find a press release and a series of videos that provides an overview of what the Playing For Change Foundation does and why people should care about PFC Day!

On Twitter, you can use the hashtag #pfcday or tag our actual page using @pfc_day to connect your followers to our global movement.

You can also read more about the cause on our About page.

What if I need to cancel my event?

We hope you won't need to cancel your event; please contact us if you think we might be able to answer a question that would help you. There is a “Cancel Event” button on the right-hand column of your event editing page. Canceling the event will update your event page, but you will need to also cancel it on Facebook if you created an event there as well. Any donations already made towards your event will still be included on the Playing For Change Day website. Canceling cannot be undone! Once you have canceled your event, the action is final.

Please also note that cancelled events will still show up on the site (with a red “cancelled” label) and be visible to viewers. If you need to actually hide a cancelled event from the site, please contact

There isn't a PFC Day event near me or I’m not able to make it out to an event. Can I still attend a concert?

Absolutely! You can take part in PFC Day from anywhere – even your own living room. We’ve partnered with Stageit, an online venue for live and interactive virtual concerts. Check out our searchable listing of PFC Day Stageit events, or search the terms “Playing For Change” on the Stageit site! Most Stageit events are pay-what-you-can, but you’re always encouraged to tip generously for our cause!


I'm involved with ANOTHER NON-PROFIT that provides music education for children. Can we partner on PFC Day?

Yes! We're so happy to partner with the many organizations around the world who’ve asked how they can be involved in what we're doing or if they can be supported by the foundation in some way. We developed the 'Local Program Partners' as a way for your non-profit to become involved in Playing For Change Day and to partner with the Playing For Change Foundation to raise awareness about the need for music education.

The idea is that PFCF runs the global part, you run the local part, and together, we can rise higher than either of us could on our own to provide music education for children everywhere. Your music education non-profit can create a PFC Day event and you can register your event on our site.

How will my non-profit benefit from being a Local Program Partner?

• You would be joining forces with internationally recognized organizations that share your vision.

• Playing For Change has a large community of inspired followers: 195,000 subscribers, 445,000 Facebook fans, and 250,000 YouTube fans.

• Our message is one of music, inspiration, and peace; the United Nations hired Playing For Change to create their theme song for their "7 Billion People | 7 Billion Actions Campaign."

• PFC Day itself is rapidly growing in momentum, and you can be part of that.

• Through your individual event page on our website, the Playing For Change community can learn about your organization.

• We feature stories which are creative and diverse on the homepage of our websites.

• The resources we've developed to help people create events and raise funds offer simple, effective ways for you to get your team in action.

• Local news media will be interested in your non-profit participating in a global event of this magnitude.

• All of this can draw awareness and funds to your non-profit - over and above your existing community of supporters.

How does the Playing For Change Foundation benefit from this partnership?

• We get to tell the story of how the this global event is benefitting kids everywhere, even more than just through the programs that we manage ourselves.

• The funds raised through your event on PFC Day help support our programs as well as yours.

What else should I know about the Local Program Partners?

• Typically, money raised on PFC Day all comes to PFCF; we've developed this day to be our major outreach and fundraising campaign for the year for our international programs; however, when we are collaborating with another music education non-profit, we just ask that we share the funds raised 50/50.

• After the day, we can tally how much money was raised online through our site and locally at your event. The online amount will show up automatically on your event's page on our website.

• If the amount that you've raised locally is greater than half of the total, we ask that you send us a check for the difference.

• If the amount that you've raised locally is less than half of the total, we can mail you a check covering the difference if, and only if, you are a registered non-profit providing music education.

• For simplicity, we suggest that you encourage most of your donors to give to you directly, if possible, and then you can send us a check as mentioned above.

Please let us know if you have any other questions and email to discuss becoming a Local Program Partner. We invite you to become part of our community, and together, we can provide children with the opportunity to learn music, build self-esteem, and create peace through music.

Donating and Fundraising

Is there a way that someone can make a donation or support an event without having access to the Internet?

Yes, donations can be mailed via check, cashier's check, or money order in U.S. currency to

Playing For Change Foundation
1221 Electric Ave.
Venice, CA 90291

We can only process donations in U.S. currency, so please exchange any other forms of currency before sending. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please do not send cash.

Please include a note or memo with any checks to let us know the name of your event so we can apply it to the fundraising total on your event page.

I'll be collecting donations at my event on Playing For Change Day; once my event is finished, how do I send in my donation?

Once you have collected all of the funds raised at your event, you may donate the money in the following ways:

1. Use your credit card or bank card to submit your donation through the ‘Donate’ button on your event page

2. Send a check, cashier’s check, or money order in U.S. Currency to

Playing For Change Foundation
1221 Electric Ave.
Venice, CA 90291

We can only process donations in U.S. currency, so please exchange any other forms of currency before sending. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please do not send cash.

Please include a note or memo with any checks to let us know the name of your event so we can apply it to the fundraising total on your event page.

I sent a donation through an event page, but it isn't showing up. How often are the donation amounts updated?

Donation amounts shown on the homepage and on the event pages of the Playing For Change Day website are tallied every 24 hours. In the meantime, you should have received an email confirming that your donation was received.

How will the funds raised on Playing For Change Day be used to help others?

Donations will support the Playing For Change Foundation's mission to create positive change through music and arts education. Funding provides music schools and programs for underserved children, locally-made instruments, teacher salaries, and more. To learn more about the foundation, please visit

How do you calculate the positive impact donations of certain amounts can make?

Program and equipment costs are based on historical averages and are representative of what the funding could purchase. A list of these estimates is provided below:

$5 for two children to attend the Star School Music & Sports program for 1 week
$15 for a local craftsman to replace the head of a djembe drum in Mali
$25 for two children to attend the Bizung school of Music & Dance for 1 month
$50 funds one month of music classes for 4 children at the Udayapur Music Program in Nepal
$75 provides Internet connection for 2 months at music programs in Ghana and Thailand
$100 supports 1 year of instrument storage at the music program in South Africa
$150 funds a SBM Scholarship for a student to attend music classes for 1 year
$250 provides 7 drums for the Bizung School of Music & Dance
$300 provides resources for performances that educate people in 2 villages in Nepal about human trafficking
$500 funds 5 months of teacher salaries for the education support classes in Mali (English, French, and Mathematics)
$1,000 covers 1 month of operations and teacher salaries for the Mitrata music program in Nepal
$3,000 funds a safe location for children in the Khlong Toey Music Program in Bangkok, Thailand to learn music
$5,000 provides operation support for the Musica Program in Nepal for 1 year and funds 3 months of administrator salary for all Nepal programs
$10,000 funds the entire music and sports program for one year in Rwanda

Still have a question? Please contact us.

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