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O'Brien School for the Maasai
Sep 22
3 Artists and Guests
400 Seats/Crowd

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O’Brien School for the Masai believes in a holistic education that nourishes the mind, body, and soul, which is just one reason we were thrilled to host Playing for Change photographer and videographer Sandra Selva back in May. Her presence inspired music classes with the younger kids, and she spent her week here spreading her infectious joy around the school and village.

Mixing studying in with some music classes could be seen as a luxury, but the resulting happiness and stimulation in the kids has been a gift that will keep giving. Sandra’s visit has inspired us to participate in Playing for Change Day as a “Playing For Change school”. We’ve seen first hand how a fun performance brings a community together, and are grateful to have a reason to work on more music with kids.

O’Brien School offers an example of different cultures working towards a common goal: educating kids. It only makes sense to join Playing for Change in their mission of connecting people from different backgrounds and places. After all, what soothes a heart and brings people together more than listening to children sing and play music with unbridled joy?

NOTE: We are celebrating Playing For Change Day 1 day early, on September 22, so that we can film it and play a video of the performance for our school’s annual fundraiser on September 23.

O'Brien School for the Maasai

PO Box 16,
Hai, Kilimanjaro


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Kindergarten and Grade 1 Group!

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Traditional Maasai Singers from Grade 6!

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Group from Grade 2 and 3!

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