1Love Playing For Change Day Indianapolis - Fountain Square Cultural District


Artist Info and Event Details

On Playing For Change Day 2011 and 2012, Indianapolis Acoustic Music Meetup organized over 40 musicians from all types of music to perform at street locations in the Massachusetts Avenue and Fountain Square Cultural Districts. This year the Acoustic Meetup is again spearheading an effort to create an expanded PFC Day, with musicians located along Mass Avenue and in Fountain Square all day and into the night.

Currently scheduled to perform on the streets of the Massachusetts Avenue Cultural District and Fountain Square are Jen Midkiff of Alair, Christian Taylor and Homeschool, Juliette Nehring, Mumbai Taxi (with special guests Toye Begbaaji, Praveen Muralidhar, Keicka Konate and Armando Perez, Jr), Clint Zimmerman Band, Larry Griffin-Sledge (Aberdeen Project and Mumbai Taxi), Slates Family Band, Natalie Coffin, Philadelphia Phil (Mumbai Taxi, Philadelphia Phil Band), Second Hand Theory, Danny Hargrove, Ben Brashear, Jethro Easyfields, Boby Hayden, Jr., Skylark, Praveen Muralidhar, Uncle Mike Cummins, Christian A. Riquelme, Gavriil Tsechpenakis, Damian Logan, Jean Kage, Jerry Stevens, Ian A. Montgomery, Reg W. Land, Rod Prather, Mike Chandler, Wax Chaotic, Paul Burris, Rebecca Roberts, Luka Raykovich, Megan Maudlin, Mike and Ryan Turnipseed, Barry Banks, Bruce Lampe, Jeff Vanderplough, Chris McShay and Kevin O’Mara.



Fountain Square Cultural District

1043 Virginia Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46203

21 September 2013

9:00AM - 7:00PM

All Times Local