About Playing For Change Day

Playing For Change Day unites a global community through the power of music to affect positive social change. Communities will gather as musicians from all over the world perform on stages, street corners, schools, yoga studios, and cafes all with the goal of bringing music into the lives of young people.

In response to the enthusiasm of those inspired by 'Songs Around the World' and the mission of the Playing For Change Foundation, PFC Day was created in 2011 so that everyone can get involved and become a part of our global community.

Your PFC Day fundraising efforts will help provide the gift of ongoing music classes for hundreds of children attending our music programs in Ghana, Mali, Rwanda, South Africa, Thailand, and Nepal.

In 2013, PFC Day had over 300 amazing events in 56 different countries sharing the love! We raised over $150,000, which will keep the instruments, music instruction, and inspiration flowing to many kids around the world in the year ahead.

Your donation and/or participation contribute to a positive vibration that connects and inspires us all.

One World, One Voice, One Day.

About Playing For Change Foundation

Playing For Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. The Playing For Change Foundation (PFCF) was established in 2007 and is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to create positive change through music and arts education. We support music schools and programs that are created and operated by the local community, and then purposefully connect those communities around the world.

To date, PFCF has created nine music schools and programs in Ghana, Mali, Rwanda, South Africa, Nepal, and Thailand. Each week more than 700 children participate in free music instruction, and we’re constantly working to strengthen our existing programs and to expand our programmatic reach worldwide. Recent program evaluations reinforce the real and positive impact of music education and demonstrate change in action. Music education improves students’ learning in math and language, increases students’ self-esteem, and fosters joy.

Projects also help meet essential needs of the larger community, including the provision of aid such as food, clean water, medicine, clothes, books, school supplies, solar energy, computers, and other modern technology. Over 15,000 people have been impacted by the Foundation’s community development and empowerment efforts throughout our program regions and beyond.

Playing For Change Day is a unique opportunity to advance our mission and make even greater connections as we come together to play for change. We are so grateful for all of the generous support, and we’re excited to be working with the global community to create an amazing Playing For Change Day 2015! To learn even more about our programs and who we are, please visit the About page on the foundation’s primary website.

About our 2014 Sponsor, Celerity Global Development

Celerity Global Development is the parent company of the Celerity schools, that serves schools, children and families in Los Angeles, California, Florida, Louisiana, and Ohio. Their mission is to provide quality education in under-served communities by creating alternative schools that focus on the potential of every child. Celerity schools are communities of diverse individuals where students develop their intellectual, artistic, and physical talents to the highest degree.

Celerity Global Development is partnering with The Playing For Change Band and The Playing For Change Foundation to create an International Music Program Hub in Los Angeles that will begin with embracing the 9 existing Playing For Change Foundation schools in Africa, Nepal, and Thailand and starting the program within all Celerity schools in California, Louisiana, Florida and Ohio.

Celerity and the PFC groups will work together on curriculum and expansion in the US and abroad. The shared vision is to teach performing arts within the platforms of Conscious Creativity and Global Citizenry. By combining a music program that has the underpinnings of the UN Millennium Goals and the soon to be adopted Sustainability Goals, students will emerge from a Playing For Change school holistically empowered with the motto "I Am The Change."

"Celerity has been committed to serving the underserved since the creation of our first school. We are also committed to the development of the whole student, both their intellect and their creativity. This type of development is essential, and despite the reduction in funds for the creative arts, we are committed to bringing music and performing arts back into the classroom. With our partnership with Playing for Change, our dreams will be brought to fruition. We are certain our collaboration will inspire others to do the same."

Vielka McFarlane, CEO, Celerity Global Development

About the International Day of Peace

Playing For Change Day was originally established to coincide with the UN’s International Day of Peace, which takes place each year on September 21st (occurring on a Monday in 2015). Playing For Change Day is held on the nearest Saturday each year so that participants can devote more time on the weekend to putting on or attending stellar events. Along with thousands of other organizations worldwide, we are participating in the Culture of Peace Initiative, in cooperation with Pathways To Peace, to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace and the year-round effort to transform society from a culture of competition and violence to a culture of cooperation and peace. To this end, Playing For Change Day concerts will be held in hundreds of cities and towns across our planet to celebrate humanity's unity and also to raise funds for music education.

PFC Day 2015:

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